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Since 1866, the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) has been both protecting the Commonwealth's aquatic resources and providing recreational fishing and boating opportunities throughout the state. This video provides a concise overview of the fishing and boating opportunities available in Pennsylvania and are provided by the PFBC. In addition, the full version of the video covers the Commission's role in aquatic resource management and concludes with an invitational message from PFBC's executive director.

Both as a direct access for viewing by the public and for use in presentations, the following menu of links provides a variety of file formats, as well as social media links, where the video can be viewed or downloaded for presentation. Full versions of the 11-minute, 14-second video are available, as well as shorter topic-related segments of the video for custom presentations. In addition, a 30-minute agency video with employee interviews is also available in a variety of formats, screen sizes and downloads. Both 11-minute and 30-minute video versions are available through the PFBC YouTube channel.

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COMPLETE VIDEO Full Video (1920 pixel width/11:14 min./705MB/MP4 format)

Fishing Opportunities (4:59 min.via PFBC YouTube channel)

Boating Opportunities

Aquatic Resource Management

Executive Director video

Commonwealth of PA Accessibility, Privacy and Security Policies
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