The Susquehanna River-- Its basin drains 27,510 square miles, has more than 49,000 miles of waterways and has a human population of more than 4 million.The river flows 444 miles from its headwaters in New York to the Chesapeake Bay, where it has a normal flow of 18 million gallons-per-minute. It is the largest river entirely within the United States that drains into the Atlantic Ocean.

The concerns of the Susquehanna River and its basin go well beyond its fishery and recreational fishing. The river and its inhabitants are merely recipients of what flows into it and how the water is used.

What starts as pristine water sources in its tributaries, quickly grows in flow and use with each river mile as it reaches the Chesapeake Bay. The river and its water flow are an integral part of our daily lives, both as a source for energy and as a means of mitigating waste and causes of pollution.

As the river is the carrier of this use and contamination, its inhabitants bear the weight of surviving this impact. While fish and other aquatic species have shown resilience in the past, it is becoming more evident that impairment is occurring and the fishery and its habitat are at risk.

Protection of the resource is everyone’s responsibility, and long-term recognition of this threat by all is required to sustain this aquatic resource. Approximately, only 10 percent of Pennsylvania’s population go fishing. Beyond the recreational value of the river, we all must look below the surface to understand why the river is changing.

 “Save Our Susquehanna”—NOW, in time for future generations.

Please share our message with your distribution of the following video. Whether as a digital video positioned on your website or sharing the video from our YouTube channel, the power of communicating the need to address the concerns of impairment of the Susquehanna River cannot be understated.

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