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On March 30, 2016, the Pennsylvania Fish & Boat Commission (PFBC) celebrated its 150th anniversary at The State Museum, Harrisburg. The program included acknowledgment of many agency friends and staff, and incorporated an informative recollection of the agency’s rich history. Dr. Kenneth Wolensky was master of ceremonies for the event and also provided the evening’s history lesson.
Governor Tom Wolf and First Lady Frances Wolf stopped by before the event and greeted guests. Invited dignitaries, who were part of the program, included Cindy Adams Dunn, Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources; PFBC Board President Edward P. Mascharka III; Pennsylvania State Representative Keith Gillespie; and former PFBC executive directors. Numerous other guests were recognized from the podium by the master of ceremonies, and members of the audience were entertained by the numerous stories told.
The evening was capped off with ample time to catch up with friends and co-workers, and included light refreshments served in The State Museum’s Susquehanna Room. Promotional materials were available and attendees had the opportunity to pre-register for copies of the agency’s upcoming history book.
Visit http://www.fishandboat.com/AboutUs/AgencyOverview/Pages/150thAnniversary.aspx for more information.

State Museum Building

Segment #1: (Windows Media or YouTube)
Presentation of Colors
Highlights of the Evening Program

Segment #2: (Windows Media or YouTube)
Introductions & Acknowledgements (part A)

Segment #3: (Windows Media or YouTube)
Introductions & Acknowledgements (part B)

Segment #4: (Windows Media or YouTube)
Our History

Segment #5: (Windows Media or YouTube)
Our Future

Former Executive Directors Ed Miller, Pete Colangelo and Doug Austen, and Current Director John Arway
  Continuous event video, part 1 (Windows Media or YouTube)
Continuous event video, part 2 (Windows Media or YouTube)


Reception with Governor Tom Wolf before the Presentations

Governor Wolf and Commissioner Elliott  Governor Wolf, Elizabeth and Franklin Kury  Governer Wolf and Andy Shiels  Governor Wolf and Brian Barner  Governor Wolf and Commissioner Gavlick  Governor Wolf and Commissioner Hussar  Governor Wolf and Commissioner Ketterer  Governor Wolf and Commissioner Mascharka

Governor Wolf and Commissioner Squires  Governor Wolf and Doug Austen  Dennis Guise, Governor Wolf and Jim Brett  Commissioner Anderson and Governor Wolf  Governor Wolf and Glenn Hughes  Governor Wolf and Jeff Decker  Governor Wolf and John Arway  Governor Wolf, Bernie Matscavage and John Shero

Governor Wolf, Bernie Matscavage and Brian Wisner  Governor Wolf and Elizabeth Kury  Cindy Adams Dunn and Governor Wolf  Governor Wolf and Tom Thomas  Governor Wolf and Tim Schaeffer  Governor Wolf, Jennifer and Stevie Kralik  Maxine Johnson and Tyree Blocker  Paul Swanson and Perry Heath

Commissioner Ali and Governor Wolf  Commissioner Lichvar and Governor Wolf  Commissioner Sabatose and Governor Wolf  Commissioner Worobec and Governor Wolf  Cindy Adams Dunn, Eric Pettis and Tim Schaeffer  Ed Miller and John Arway  First Lady Frances Wolf and Judge Bernard Labuskes, Jr.  Beth Hager, First Lady Frances Wolf and James Vaughan

John Arway being interviewed  John Arway and Jeff Decker  Governor Wolf  Governor Wolf and John Hugya  Larry Boor and Governor Wolf  Governor Wolf and Colonel Corey Britcher

Presentation of Colors

Presentation of Colors  Presentation of Colors  Presentation of Colors

Introductions & Acknowledgements

Dr. Kenneth Wolensky, Master of Ceremonies  Eric Pettis, Executive Assistant, Lieutenant Governors Office  Cindy Adams Dunn, Secretary, Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  Keith Gillespie, PA State Representative  Former Deputy Director and Chief Counsel Dennis Guise

Executive Directors and Commissioners, Past and Present

Former Executive Director Ed Miller  Former Executive Director Pete Colangelo  Former Executive Director Doug Austen  Executive Director John Arway  Current Commissioners  Current Commissioners

Current and Past Commissioners  Executive Directors  Executive Directors and Commissioners  Commissioners and John Arway with Proclamations  John Arway with past and present Commissioners

Our Future

Our Future: Daniel Ryan, Fisheries Biologist  Our Future: Brian McHail, Fish Culture Station Manager  Our Future: Darrin Kephart, Waterways Conservation Officer  Our Future: Amidea Daniel, Northcentral Region Education Specialist

After Event

Ray Bednarchik and Lloyd Hartman  Jim Brett and Wayne Kober  Ed Miller, John Hugya, Paul and Karen Swanson  Event Photo  Event Photo

Commemorative Cake

Commemorative Cake  Commissioners with Commemorative Cake

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