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Regulations by Species
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Counties Waters Season / Special Regulations
Cumberland, Dauphin, Juniata, Lancaster, Northumberland, Perry Susquehanna River (98.0 miles) from the inflatable dam near Sunbury downstream to Holtwood Dam, including all tributaries to a point 1/2 mile upstream from the confluence. January 1 to December 31: NO HARVEST—CATCH AND IMMEDIATE RELEASE ONLY. It is unlawful for an angler to cast repeatedly into a clearly visible bass spawning nest or redd in an effort to catch or take bass as with Commonwelath Inland Waters angling regulations.

From January 1 to April 16 and June 12 to December 31:
Catch-measure-immediate release tournaments permitted.

From April 17 to June 11:
No tournaments permitted.

Dauphin, Juniata, Perry Juniata River (31.7 miles) from SR0075 bridge at Port Royal downstream to the mouth, including all tributaries to a point 1/2 mile upstream from the confluence.
Juniata and Susquehanna Rivers and Tributary Portions
Acker Run
Armstrong Creek
Bailey Run
Bargers Run
Board Run
Boile Run
Boyds Run
Boyers Run
Brubaker Run
Bucks Run
Buffalo Creek
Bull Run
Burd Run
Buser Run
Cabin Creek
Canadochly Creek
Chapman Creek
Chiques Creek
Clark Creek
Cocolamus Creek
Codorus Creek
Conestoga River
Conewago Creek
Conodoguinet Creek
Conoy Creek
Cook Creek
Counselman Run
Cove Creek
Cuffs Run
Dalmatia Creek
Delaware Creek
Doe Run
Donegal Creek
Dry Run
Dugan Run
Duncan Run
Fidlers Run
Fisherman Run
Fishing Creek
Frys Run
Green Branch
Gurdy Run
Hallowing Run
Hartman Run
Herrold Run
Hoffer Creek
House Rock Run
Howe Run
Hunters Run
Independence Run
Kellys Run
Klines Run
Kreutz Creek
Little Buffalo Creek
Little Juniata Creek
Locust Run
Losh Run
Mahala Run
Mahanoy Creek
Mahantango Creek
Manns Run
Marsh Run
Oakland Run
Otter Creek
Paxton Creek
Penns Creek
Pequea Creek
Powell Creek
Raccoon Creek
Reed Run
Reiders Run
Rolling Green Run
Sawmill Run
Sealholtz Run
Shamokin Creek
Shawnee Run
Sherman Creek
Shippens Run
Shumans Run
Silver Creek
Snitz Creek
Spring Creek
Stamans Run
Stony Creek
Strickler Run
Sugar Run
Swatara Creek
Tobe Run
Tucquan Creek
Tuscarora Creek
West Branch
   Mahantango Creek
White Run
Wiconisco Creek
Wildcat Run
Wilson Run
Wisslers Run
Witmers Run
Wrights Run
Yellow Breeches Creek
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