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Regulations by Species
These regulations are intended to restrict harvest and fish consumption from designated lakes during the FDA-mandated withdrawal period. During this period, fish anesthetics are used during Muskellunge, Tiger Muskellunge (hybrids), Northern Pike and pickerel culture operations. From April 1 through May 31, fishing for these species is permitted on a catch and release/no harvest basis. It is unlawful to take or possess any Muskellunge, Tiger Muskellunge (hybrids), Northern Pike and pickerel from these lakes during this period. When caught, these fish species shall be immediately returned unharmed.
County Water
Crawford Conneaut Lake
Lake Canadohta
Sugar Lake
Woodcock Creek Lake
Erie Edinboro Lake
Howard Eaton Reservoir
County Water
Mercer Lake Wilhelm
Wayne Belmont Lake
Prompton Dam
For all other species, Commonwealth inland waters seasons, sizes and creel limits apply.
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