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Trout Fishing Regulations
  • Open to fishing year-round.
  • Fishing is permitted on a 24-hour basis.
  • Use or possession of any other lures or substance is prohibited.
  • No trout may be killed or had in possession.
  • Fishing may be done with artificial lures only constructed of metal, plastic, rubber or wood, or with flies or streamers constructed of natural or synthetic materials. All such lures may be used with spinning or fly fishing gear.
  • Wading is permitted unless otherwise posted.
  • Taking baitfish or fishbait is prohibited.
  • An angler in a boat may possess bait and fish caught in compliance with the seasons, sizes and creel limits in effect for a water from which it was taken, provided that the boat angler floats through the Catch and Release area without stopping or engaging in the act of fishing or the boat angler puts in or takes out his boat at an access point within the Catch and Release area.
  • A current trout permit (or Combination Trout/Lake Erie permit) is required.
Waters under these regulations – listed by county
Hunts Run – 4.7 miles; from confluence with McNuff Branch downstream to the mouth

Hickory Run – 3.12 miles; from the outlet of Saylorsville Dam downstream to the mouth

Fishing Creek – 2.0 miles; from State Game Lands #295 boundary (located 300 yards downstream of the upstream SR 2002 bridge) downstream to a point 1.3 miles upstream of the lower SR 2002 Bridge
Rauchtown Creek – 1.12 miles; from the confluence of Rockey Run and Krape Run downstream to the SR 0880 crossing upstream of the Ravensburg St. Park Picnic Area
Young Womans Creek – 5.7 miles; from the Beechwood Trail downstream to a point 0.7 mile upstream of the confluence with the Left Branch Young Womans Creek

Yellow Breeches Creek – 1.17 miles; 0.17 mile of the Unnamed Tributary to Yellow Breeches Creek (from the outfall of Children's Lake to the confluence with Yellow Breeches Creek at Boiling Springs) and 1.0 mile of Yellow Breeches Creek from the confluence with the Unnamed Tributary at Boiling Springs downstream to the vicinity of Allenberry

Spruce Creek – 0.5 mile; Penn State Experimental Fisheries Area (about 0.6 mile above the village of Spruce Creek)
Spruce Creek – 0.15 mile; PFBC property at Indian Caverns near Franklinville

Roaring Brook – 3.84 miles; from Hollisterville Dam downstream to Elmhurst Reservoir

Grays Run – 2.2 miles; from the Grays Run Hunting Club property line downstream to the concrete bridge on T-842 (Grays Run Road) at the old CCC camp

Penns Creek (Mifflin / Union) – 7.45 miles; from approximately 600 meters downstream of Swift Run downstream to the downstream extent of the island near the end of Jolly Grove Lane

Bushkill Creek – 1.19 miles; from the dam at Binney and Smith downstream to the 13th Street Bridge

Toms Creek – 2.17 miles; from the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area boundary downstream to the mouth

Cross Fork – 5.02 miles; from Bear Trap Lodge downstream to the Weed property located 0.2 miles downstream of the T-416 bridge

Cherry Run – 2.7 miles; from the mouth upstream a distance of 2.7 miles
Penns Creek (Mifflin / Union) –7.45 miles; from approximately 600 meters downstream of Swift Run downstream to the downstream extent of the island near the end of Jolly Grove Lane

West Branch Caldwell Creek – 2.75 miles; West Branch Bridge upstream to Three Bridge Run

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