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Regulations by Location
These lakes are regulated year-round as catch and release for all fish species. This means fishing is permitted on a catch and release/no harvest basis. It is unlawful to take, kill or possess any fish from these lakes. Once caught, all fish shall be immediately returned unharmed.

Additional catch and release regulations specifically for trout may be in effect, including: Catch and Release-Artificial Lures Only, Catch and Release-All Tackle, and Catch and Release Fly-Fishing Only.

County Water
Allegheny Pine Township Park Pond
Beaver Raccoon Creek State Park Upper Pond
Centre Colyer Lake
Columbia & Northumberland Bear Gap Reservoir
McWilliams Reservoir
Columbia Klines Reservoir
Lancaster Speedwell Forge
Luzerne & Sullivan Lake Jean
McKean Bradford City Number Two Reservoir
Schuylkill Lower Owl Creek Reservoir
Owl Creek Reservoir
Tioga Lake Nessmuk
Westmoreland Lower Burrell Pond Park
How to release fish -- Catch and Release
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