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Trout Fishing Regulations
  • Open to fishing year-round.
  • Fishing is permitted on a 24-hour basis.
  • No trout may be killed or had in possession.
  • Fishing may be done with artificial flies and streamers constructed of natural or synthetic materials, so long as all flies are constructed in a normal fashion with components wound on or about the hook. Fishing must be done with tackle limited to fly rods, fly reels, and fly line with leader material or monofilament line attached. Anything other than these items is prohibited.
  • Taking baitfish or fishbait is prohibited.
  • Wading is permitted unless otherwise posted.
  • An angler in a boat may possess bait and fish caught in compliance with the seasons, sizes, and creel limits in effect for a water from which it was taken, provided that the boat angler floats through the Catch and Release Fly-Fishing Only area without stopping or engaging in the act of fishing or the boat angler puts in or takes out his boat at an access point within the Catch and Release Fly-Fishing Only area.
  • A current trout permit (or Combination Trout/Lake Erie permit) is required.
Waters under these regulations – listed by county
Conewago Creek – 1.1 miles; from 0.1 mile downstream of T-340 (Russel Tavern Rd.) downstream to SR 34

Yellow Creek – 0.9 mile; from mouth of Maple Run (Jacks Run) upstream to cable near Red Bank Hill

Driftwood Branch Sinnemahoning Creek – 1.55 miles; from the Shippen Township Building downstream to 330 yards upstream of the SR 0120 Bridge near Emporium

Spring Creek (Fisherman’s Paradise) – 1.3 miles; from a point adjacent to the Stackhouse School Pistol Range downstream to the lower boundary of Bellefonte State Fish Hatchery grounds

French Creek – 0.9 mile; from the dam at Camp Sleepy Hollow downstream to Hollow Road

Big Spring Creek – 1.52 miles; from 100 feet below the source (Big Spring) downstream to the Nealy Road Bridge
Green Spring Creek – 1.2 miles; from mouth upstream to near confluence with Bulls Head Branch
Letort Spring Run – 1.7 miles; from 300 yards upstream of bridge on T-481 (Bonnybrook Road) downstream to the Reading Railroad Bridge at the southern edge of Letort Spring Park

Clark Creek – 2.4 miles; PGC rifle range parking area on SR 325 downstream to PGC access road at the Iron Furnace

Ridley Creek – 0.6 mile; from the falls in Ridley Creek State Park downstream to the mouth of Dismal Run

West Branch Clarion River – 0.68 mile; from intersection of SR 219 and SR 4003 upstream to the former Texas Gulf Sulphur property line 0.6 mile upstream of SR 4003 Bridge

Dunbar Creek – 4.22 miles; from the confluence of Glade Run downstream to the stone quarry along SR 1055

East Branch Antietam Creek – 0.88 mile; from SR 16 downstream to T-365 (Welty Rd.)
Falling Spring Branch – 2.5 miles; from the first private lane located 672 feet upstream of Briar Lane Bridge downstream to a wire fence crossing the Thomas L. Geisel property

Little Mahoning Creek – 3.6 miles; from Oberlin Road Bridge abutments upstream of SR 1041 Bridge upstream to Cesna Run

North Fork Redbank Creek – 1.9 miles; from SR 322 in Brookville upstream 1.9 miles, except a 110-yard section from the Brookville Water Authority Dam downstream to the wire across the creek

Donegal Creek – 2.21 miles; from 275 yards below SR 772 downstream to T-334
West Branch Octoraro Creek – 2.0 miles; from 30 yards downstream of the SR 0472 downstream to 230 yards upstream of the second unnamed tributary downstream of SR 2010 (Puseyville Road)

Slippery Rock Creek – 0.5 mile; from Heinz Camp property downstream to 0.25 mile below SR 2022 Bridge

Little Lehigh Creek – 1.54 miles; from the downstream face of the bridge on T-508 (Wild Cherry Lane) downstream to the upstream face of the bridge on T-510 (Millrace Road)
Little Lehigh Creek – 0.83 mile; from the upstream face of Fish Hatchery Road bridge downstream to near the Oxford Dr. Bridge

Slate Run (Lycoming / Tioga) – 7.13 miles; from the confluence of the Cushman and Francis branches downstream to the mouth

Marvin Creek – 0.9 mile; from vicinity of the high voltage line 3 miles south of Smethport downstream for a distance of 0.9 mile

Bush Kill – 6.1 miles; on the Resica Falls Scout Reservation property except 200 yards on each side of the falls

Kettle Creek – 1.7 miles; from a sign located 500 feet downstream of the SR 0144 Bridge to a sign located 1.7 miles upstream of the lower boundary

Clear Shade Creek – 1.0 mile; from the cable at Windber Water Dam upstream

Francis Branch (tributary to Slate Run) – 1.7 miles; from mouth upstream to Kramer Hollow
Slate Run (Lycoming / Tioga) – 7.13 miles; from the confluence of the Cushman and Francis branches downstream to the mouth

White Deer Creek – 3.16 miles; from Cooper Mill Road upstream to Union/Centre County line

Little Sandy Creek – 1.3 miles; from the old bridge at Polk Center Pump House downstream to the bridge on Savannah Road (SR 3024)

Caldwell Creek – 1.49 miles; from Selkirk highway bridge downstream to approximately 0.5 mile upstream of the Dotyville Bridge

Dyberry Creek – 0.87 miles; from 300m (0.19 mile) downstream from the third bridge on Dug Rd. (SR 4009) upstream of the mouth, downstream to the second bridge on Dug Rd. (SR 4009) upstream from the mouth

Bowman Creek – 0.8 mile; from SR 0292 downstream to Marsh Creek

Muddy Creek – 1.6 miles; from 300 yards downstream of Bruce Road Bridge (T-628) in Bruce downstream to 300 yards upstream of Bridgeton Road (SR 2032) Bridge in Bridgeton

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