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The following is a list of waters available to fishing exclusively for children 15 years of age and younger and persons who have certain physical or mental impairments in that they are unable to cast or retrieve a line or bait hooks or remove fish, or who are totally blind or are permanently deprived of the full use of a leg or both legs, or whose visual acuity with best correcting lens is 3/60 or 10/200 or poorer in the better eye, or persons whose vision is such that the widest diameter of the visual field of the better eye has contracted to such an extent that it subtends an angular distance of not greater than 20°. These restrictions apply year-round on some of these waters and only during certain times of the year on others.

It is unlawful for a person other than a child or member of special populations to fish in a designated exclusive use area.

All areas may not be suitable for all disabilities (see local posters).

Interactive Map of these Waters
County Water Upper Limit Lower Limit
Adams Latimore Creek Capital Hill Road (Old US-15) Bridge Downstream 150 yards from bridge
Clearfield Little Muddy Run* Janesville Dam spillway Bridge on TR-919 (Walnut St.)
Dauphin Clark Creek First bridge upstream of Route 225 Route 225 bridge
Elk Powers Run* St. Mary's Sportsmens Club property St. Mary's Sportsmens Club property
Erie Conneauttee Creek Edinboro Lake Dam West Normal Street bridge
Girard Park Pond Girard Park property Girard Park property
West Canal Basin Erie Harbor** n/a n/a
Forest Ross Run Second bridge upstream of the mouth
(Lat. 41.51476, Lon. -79.32467)
(Lat. 41.50777, Lon. -79.32682)
Toms Run Cable across stream above pond Cable across stream below pond
Franklin Carbaugh Run* Route 30 Bridge Confluence with Conococheague Creek
Conococheague Creek Cable crossing the stream 250 feet below the Tallow Hill Bridge Cable crossing the stream 1300 feet below the Tallow Hill Bridge
Fulton Ester Run From a point opposite the stone house above raceway Downstream approximately 4/10 mile below T-342 to a steel cable
Lackawanna Manny Gordon Pond* McDade Park McDade Park
McKean Marvin Creek* Mouth of Kane Creek Downstream approximately 1,200 feet to a wire with signs across the stream
Mercer Wolf Creek 300 feet upstream of concrete syphon box along Greenwood Drive 300 feet downstream of concrete syphon box along Greenwood Drive
Monroe Tobyhanna Creek 1,250 feet upstream from Main Street bridge 500 feet upstream from Main Street bridge
Montour Mahoning Creek Route 11 bridge 1/4 mile downstream of Route 11 bridge
Potter Kettle Creek (State Park) 200 yards above T-537 bridge 100 yards below T-537 bridge
Kettle Creek (Ole Bull State Park) Dam at beach area Causeway crossing stream to campground
Schuylkill Pine Creek* Gap Street bridge Lower end of trout nursery
Union Buffalo Creek* North 8th Street bridge North 3rd Street bridge
* These waters are limited to children 15 years of age and under only.
** These waters are limited to persons with disabilities only.
An adult who assists a child (15 years of age and under) by casting or retrieving a fishing line or fishing rod is not required to possess a valid fishing license provided that the child remains within arms’ reach of the assisting adult and is actively involved in the fishing activity.

An adult may assist a child by baiting hooks, removing fish from the line, netting fish, preparing the fishing rod for use and untangling the line without possessing a valid fishing license. An adult is required to possess a fishing license if they intend to set the hook for the child. An adult may not fish or set the hook for their child in a designated Children/Special Population Area.

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