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Trout Fishing Regulations

Many streams, lakes, ponds, and reservoirs are officially classified as “stocked trout waters" (PFBC GIS data at PASDA). This means that these waters contain significant portions that are open to public fishing and are stocked with trout. The waters listed here are open to trout harvest during the “extended season” (see Commonwealth Inland Waters). Unlisted tributary streams (those not included in this list of “stocked trout waters”) are not open to harvest of trout during the “extended season.” Only stocked trout waters are open to harvest during this period. Spearing fish is not permitted in any of these waters at any time of the year. 

These waters are closed to all fishing (including taking of minnows) from February 21 to 8 a.m. on the opening day of the trout season. A person shall be deemed to be fishing if he or she has in possession any fishing line, rod, or other device that can be used for fishing while on or in any water or on the banks within 25 feet of any water where fishing is prohibited. Unless geographically designated in the Region Regulated Trout Waters section, the term troutstocked waters includes the entire stream from headwaters to mouth. 

Special note: Although the list was up to date at the time this booklet was printed, it is possible that some streams may later be deleted or added as “stocked trout waters” because of last-minute changes in water quality conditions. Check with the nearest Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission office if there is any question about whether or not a water area is “stocked.” 

Regional Listings of Stocked Trout Waters
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