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Washington County
May, 2000

Canonsburg Lake in Washington County was surveyed by Commission staff in late May and contained an excellent population of largemouth bass. Quality-size bass were present in high numbers with 27% of the bass over 15 inches. Most of the bass were collected in the lower end of the lake between the bridge and the dam breast. This impoundment would be a great place to target largemouth bass.

Channel catfish were collected in good numbers and sizes. The Fish and Boat Commission stocks channel catfish, muskellunge, and tiger muskellunge fingerlings along with trout. Muskies and tiger muskies were not collected during the survey. They may have been in deeper water due to the warm water temperatures or their populations may be low. Crappies were collected in good numbers but quality size fish were lacking. Overall, panfish populations were well below average. This is probably a result of competition with gizzard shad. The majority of trout were collected in the shallower upper-end of the lake.

Fish Species Number Collected Size Range (Inches) Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 95 4 - 20 51% greater than 12 in.
27% greater than 15 in.
White crappie 383 3 - 14 2% greater than 9 in.
Black crappie 47 3 - 11  
Bluegill 34 3 - 8 9% greater than 7 in.
Pumpkinseed 7 3 - 6  
Green sunfish 1 3  
Brown bullhead 92 3 - 12 4% greater than 10 in.
Channel catfish 23 4 - 24 57% greater than 16 in.
White sucker 32 Not measured  
Common carp 38 Not measured  
Hatchery brown trout 14 Not measured  
Hatchery rainbow trout 3 Not measured  
Gizzard shad 732 Not measured  
Golden shiner 10 Not measured  
-- Area 8

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