Codorus Creek

On September 18 and 19 southeast Fisheries Management personnel conducted an electrofishing survey on the Selective Harvest portion of Codorus Creek in York County.  Two sites, totaling 836 yards or 15% of the Selective Harvest area, were surveyed.  Fisheries Management personnel captured a total of 1,395 individual wild brown trout during the two-day survey.  Brown trout were between 3 and 16 inches long with fingerling fish from the 2000 year class accounting for 75% of the total number of fish handled. Thirty-three legal length (12 inches or longer) brown trout were handled during the survey.  

Additionally, electrofishing outside the targeted sampling location captured one 22-inch brown trout.  There were half as many legal length brown trout in this stream section as in 1997, and the previously limited rainbow trout reproduction has ceased, but the extremely large 2000 year class of brown trout bodes well for future fishing at Codorus Creek.

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