Fisheries Management Field Report:

Greenlick Lake

Greenlick Lake (Fayette County) is a 101-acre lake is owned and operated by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission.  Located east of Woodale, this lake is sometimes also known as Jacobs Creek Reservoir.

Walleye research was conducted throughout the 1990s at Greenlick Lake as part of a statewide walleye study.  Through these studies,  it was determined that there was no natural walleye reproduction in the lake. To establish productive walleye fishing at Greenlick, stocking was required. Commission staff also learned that when we stocked small walleye fingerlings (1 to 2 inches), they survived in higher numbers than stocked large walleye fingerlings (4 to 5 inches). As a result of this research, we now only stock small fingerling walleye in Greenlick.

In another aspect of this research, we learned from a 1997 survey that with higher than normal stocking rates of walleye fingerlings there was a higher density of one to three year old walleye. This told us there was "room" for more walleye in Greenlick Lake. Therefore, we want to stock walleye fingerlings at 100 per acre at Greenlick, five times the standard stocking rate of 20 per acre. The intent is to establish Greenlick Lake as a destination that anglers can travel to and expect to catch walleye.

We believe that anglers should have a chance now to catch legal walleye at Greenlick Lake, and that chance should get better by 2002 and beyond!

-- Fisheries Management Area 8

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