Justus Lake

Justus Lake is a 144-acre lake in Venango County, which the Commission has managed under Big Bass regulations since 1998.  The spring survey in 2000 indicates that bass densities have increased and so have numbers of larger-sized individual bass.  The total catch of 338 largemouth bass yielded a catch rate of 218 bass per hour with 29 per hour greater than 12 inches and 8 per hour greater than 15 inches in length.  As a spin-off of the Big Bass regulations, noticeable numbers of quality size bluegill and yellow perch were sampled.

Walleye continue to be present in low numbers.  No exceptional size walleye were sampled this spring. Five tiger muskellunge and one purebred muskellunge were sampled in trapnets.  The tigers ranged in size from 14 to 43 inches in length.  The three largest individuals were 36", 38", and 43".  The purebred muskellunge was one of the heaviest observed in recent years.  The 49 13/16" female weighed slightly over 42 pounds and had not spawned as of mid May.

Justus Lake is somewhat special in that it is also capable of supporting trout year around.  It is included in the catchable stocking program and trout are taken all summer in the deeper parts of the lake.  Historically, it produces several 20" brown trout annually.  This relatively small lake has motor restrictions which allow electric motors only.

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