Shohola Lake

Shohola Lake is a 1,137-acre manmade lake located on Game Lands No. 180 in Shohola Township, Pike County. The Pennsylvania Game Commission created the lake in 1967 to enhance waterfowl production in the area. It is a long, narrow, shallow lake with a maximum depth of 8.2 feet and a mean depth of 4.9 feet. There are three boat launches on the lake, with motors restricted to electric motors only and boating allowed only on certain areas of the lake.

A routine survey was conducted from April 17th through the 21st to update the lake’s fisheries management plan. Resident fishes were captured with trapnets (13 overnight  sets). The total catch of game fishes included 297 bluegill (4-9 in., with most being 7-8 in.); 264 black crappie (5-13 in., with 138 >8 in., and 97 >10 in.); 212 brown bullhead (9-13 in., with most >11 in.); 173 yellow bullhead (6-12 in., with most >10 in.); 106 yellow perch (5-13 in, most were 9-11 in); 40 chain pickerel (12-22 in., with 39 > 15 in., and 5 >20 in.); 29 largemouth bass (7-20 in., with 10 >12 in., and 5 >15 in.); 19 white suckers (11-22 in.); and 10 pumpkinseed (5-8 in.). 

The catch of largemouth bass is significant since this species tends to avoid this type of gear.  Forage fish consisted 40 golden shiner and 39 creek chubsucker. 

(6/00)  Shohola Lake was electrofished for 3 hours and 21 minutes during the evening of May 24. Only largemouth bass and chain pickerel were targeted. A total of 115 largemouth bass and 52 chain pickerel were caught. Largemouth bass sizes ranged from 3 to 22 inches, with 24 percent (N=28) being legal size (>12 inches), and 11 percent (N=13) were >15 inches. The sole 22 inch largemouth bass weighed in at 6 pounds and 9.6 ounces. Chain pickerel sizes ranged from 7 to 21 inches, with 50 percent (N=26) being >15 inches.

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