Lake LeBoeuf

Spring trapnetting efforts at Lake LeBoeuf, a 70-acre lake in Erie County, during the month of May produced good catches of black crappie (743 total). The majority of the catch consisted of 6 inch crappie. However, good numbers of 8 - 10 inch black crappie were sampled along with a cluster of 12 to 14 inch crappie. White crappie were also present but not nearly abundant as black crappie, and larger individuals were not encountered. A low density yellow perch population was sampled with all individuals being less than 9 inches in length and the majority of the sample 6 and 7 inch perch.

Game species sampled included nine walleye by trapnet ranging from 18 to 23 inches and seven walleye during night electrofishing efforts which ranged from 8 to 25 inches. Trapnetting produced only one muskellunge, a juvenile at 12 inches and night electrofishing produced another at 24 inches. Eight northern pike were sampled by trapnet at 26", 27", 28"(3), 32"(2) and one at 33 inches.

Changes since the last survey included the presence of gizzard shad. They appear to have become solidly established in Lake LeBoeuf. This may have future negative impacts on the panfish populations since the gizzard shad compete with juvenile panfish for food. Several white perch were also noted. They are not native to the Allegheny drainage. It appears they may have been introduced from the Lake Erie drainage by bait bucket or fish transfers by anglers. This is unfortunate since they seldom produce a desirable fishery, yet complicate the native fisheries and compete directly with them.

Night electrofishing efforts directed at black bass produced a total of 54 largemouth bass and two smallmouth bass. Fifteen of the largemouth were legal and notable size bass included individuals at 15"(3), 16"(2), 17"(3), 18"(1) and one at 22 inches.

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