Lake Rowena

Flathead catfishThe survey at Lake Rowena, a13- acres lake in Cambria County had several interesting findings. Most of the stocked-trout lakes in southwestern PA contain a good population of bass. However, only seven largemouth bass were collected during the Lake Rowena survey. Night electrofishing is the primary gear we use to assess bass populations in lakes. Turbid water at Lake Rowena due to recent rainfall reduced our electrofishing efficiency; therefore, the largemouth bass population may not have been as low as the survey indicated. The PFBC stocks channel catfish along with trout.

Channel catfish were not collected during the survey, but two flathead catfish (27”, 13.5 lbs and 38.5”, 35.5 lbs) were captured in the upper end of the impoundment. Flathead catfish are found in the rivers of western PA. They most likely came with the channel catfish stockings. We also collected white bass at Lake Rowena, which are found in flowing waters in western PA. Lake Rowena and Upper Twin Lake are the only impoundments in southwestern PA where white bass were collected by the PFBC.

White crappies and black crappies were very abundant in Lake Rowena, but most of them were between 5 and 8 inches. Yellow perch were abundant, but they also were not found in quality sizes. Panfish numbers were high but quality-sized fish were lacking. Good numbers and sizes of brown bullheads and white suckers were present. Quality angling opportunities for bass and panfish would not be available at Lake Rowena.

Fish Species Number Collected Size Range (Inches) Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 7 4 – 14  
Black crappie 1193 4 – 15 99% between 5-8 inches
White crappie 467 2 – 9 89% between 5-8 inches
Bluegill 72 3 – 8  
Pumpkinseed 58 3 – 7  
Yellow perch 146 3 – 9 93% between 4-7 inches
Rock bass 3 6 – 8  
White bass 11 9 – 13  
Brown bullhead 154 3 - 15 79% greater than 10 in.
Yellow bullhead 1 10  
Flathead catfish 2 27, 38.5  
White sucker 35 4 - 19  
Common carp 16 Not measured  
Hatchery rainbow trout 34 Not measured  
Hatchery golden rainbow trout 1 Not measured  
Hatchery brown trout 13 Not measured  
Hatchery brook trout 1 Not measured  
Golden shiner 94 Not measured  
Creek chub 1 Not measured  


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