Francis Slocum Lake  

WalleyeAnglers seeking to catch their limits of walleye in northeastern PA should consider a trip to Frances Slocum Lake, a 165-acre lake within Frances Slocum State Park, Luzerne County. A Spring 2001 trap net survey confirmed that the lake’s walleye population continues to thrive on the abundant alewife forage base. 

PFBC biologists captured a total of 95 walleye ranging from 17 to 26 inches long for a catch rate of 0.37 walleye per trap net hour. This was tied with nearby Sylvan Lake for the highest walleye trap net catch rate.

Frances Slocum Lake also has a reputation for producing muskies but we only captured one individual during this work. It was a big one, though, measuring 46 inches long and weighing well over the limit of our 30 pound scale. The Commission  plan to sample the lake’s largemouth bass population later this year.

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