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Lake Wilma (also known as Blacksville Lake) is a 19-acre lake located in Wayne Township, Greene County near Blacksville, West Virginia. It is owned by Consol Coal Company and recently leased to the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) biologists surveyed the lake in May 2000.  Only a partial survey was conducted because the night electrofishing was canceled due to rain and lighting. Therefore, we were unable to assess the bass population in Lake Wilma. We will return to Lake Wilma in Spring 2001 to complete this lake survey. Black crappies were collected in good numbers and quality sizes. Lake Wilma would be a good lake to target crappies. Bluegills were collected in low numbers, but quality-size fish were present. The largest channel catfish collected in the survey was 25 inches and almost 5 pounds. Angling opportunities for catfish at Lake Wilma are available with good numbers and sizes found from our survey. The one white catfish in the trap nets was the first white catfish collected by PFBC in southwestern PA. The white catfish is native to the Delaware and Susquehanna drainages in Pennsylvania.

Fish Species Number Collected Size Range (Inches) Additional Comments
Black crappie 96 3 11 67% greater than 9 in.
Bluegill 29 3 9 34% greater than 7 in.
Pumpkinseed 4 4 6  
Channel catfish 4 13 25  
Brown bullhead 3 8 15  
White catfish 1 16 1st white catfish collected by PFBC in southwestern PA

UpdatedWe returned to Lake Wilma in May 2001 to complete our survey on the 19-acre lake. We used trap nets in 2000, and gill nets and night electrofishing in 2001. Night electrofishing is the primary gear we use to assess bass populations in lakes. In 2000, quality-sized black crappie, bluegill, and catfish were present in the lake. In 2001, largemouth bass were abundant. Twenty-one bass (13%) were greater than 12 inches with three of the bass between 15 and 20 inches. Lake Wilma provides anglers a good population of bass along with crappie, bluegill, and catfish.

Fish Species

Number Collected Size Range (Inche s) Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 161 3 - 20 13% greater than 12 in.
Channel catfish 2 19 22  
Brown bullhead 1 9  

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