Penns Creek

Penns Creek (from Spring Mills to Coburn) 1991 to 2001

brown trout

Fisheries Management personnel from Area 3 and the Coldwater Unit have been extensively monitoring the wild trout fishery in Penns Creek since 1991. Included in this monitoring have been several historical sampling sites located between the communities of Spring Mills and Coburn. In 1991, these sites produced an average wild brown trout biomass of 50.47 kg/ha (45lbs/acre) which exceeded the minimum criteria for Class A management. A follow-up survey in 1992, conducted at the uppermost site from 1991, documented the population at 37.36 kg/ha (33 lbs/acre), which qualifies for Class B management. However, the potential of this wild brown trout population was recognized with a significant reduction in the inseason stocking that included only rainbow trout. It was also noted that excessive siltation within this section was likely limiting the potential of the wild brown trout population.

penns creek survey

This section was again evaluated in 2001 to assess the wild trout component and to update the management strategy. An average biomass of 48.45 kg/ha (43 lbs/acre) was found, which exceeded the minimum criteria for Class A management. The lower site near Coburn was slightly below the Class A minimum, probably due to excessive siltation, which may be limiting the population in this reach. Subsequently, due to the continuous presence of a quality wild brown trout population, this section will be removed from trout stocking beginning in 2002. Additionally, the historical sampling sites will again be evaluated in 2002 to confirm the presence of a Class A wild brown trout population.

penns creek survey


Year 0.7 mi upst conf Elk Ck
– PFBC property
500 yds dnst
Muddy Rn
1st old RR bridge
dnst Spring Mills

1991 30.69 kg/ha 61.98 kg/ha 58.74 kg/ha
1992     37.36 kg/ha
2001 36.28 kg/ha   60.62 kg/ha

brown trout

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