Fairmont Dam

The Area 6 - southeastern Pa. - staff electrofished at the base of Fairmount Dam on the Schuylkill R. in Philadelphia on Monday, Apr. 15, 2002 during low tide in an effort to document the presence of American Shad. Fourteen American shad and three river herring were seen in 39 wrist watch minutes of electrofishing (32.9 min. of electrical current in the water). Additionally, twenty adult striped bass were captured ranging in lengths from 634 mm (25 in.) to 885 mm (36 in.). Only one male was running ripe. At least 7 other striped bass and two walleye were seen but not captured.

No flathead catfish or muskellunge were seen. For those familiar with the striped bass electrofishing abundance indexing technique, sixteen striped bass were captured in the first 1000 seconds. Photos of the sixteen striped bass are shown below (they're alive, but always end up on their sides in the tubs). We tagged all but one with USFWS tags.

striped bass - click for larger image striped bass - click for larger image

This striper catch was average for that site with respect to the catch rate, but it was good with respect to the size of the fish. Overall, the catch rate was well above average for sites that we sample on the Delaware and Schuylkill. An excellent rating is reserved for sites where we catch 35 to 75 stripers in that amount of time.

Pictures of Fairmount Dam and its surroundings, including the recently restored Greek architecture water works at the base of the dam (America's first water treatment plant) with the art museum in the background and boathouse row above the dam are shown below. Water temps were 18 C. in the Schuylkill.

Fairmont Dam water works - click for larger image Fairmont Dam - click for larger image
Fairmont Dam - click for larger image Schuylkill River - click for larger image

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