Hopewell Township Park Pond

Beaver County
April 16, 2002

Sampling Gear: Night Electrofishing

Summary: Hopewell Township Park Pond is a 2-acre impoundment near Aliquippa, PA. The lake has been managed under miscellaneous special regulations since 1991. Bass have a 15-inch minimum size limit, creel limit 2 per day and panfish are under a creel limit of 10 combined species per day. Use of live fish for bait is prohibited at the lake. Hopewell Township Park Pond contained a very high density of largemouth bass. The total catch of bass per hour of electrofishing at Hopewell Township Park Pond (410 bass/hr) was the highest recorded in southwestern Pennsylvania. Eleven percent of the bass were greater than 12 inches, but no legal bass (15 inches or greater) were collected. We will examine the survey data at a later time to determine if slow bass growth is a factor for the absence of legal-sized bass in the lake. Bluegills were available in good numbers, but quality-sized fish were lacking with only 8% of the bluegills over 7 inches long. Pumpkinseeds, green sunfish, and hybrid sunfish were collected in low numbers.

Fish Species Number Collected Size Range
Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 123 2 – 14 12% greater than 12 in.
Bluegill 74 2 – 9 8% greater than 7 in.
Pumpkinseed 1 7  
Green sunfish 7 2 – 5  
Hybrid sunfish 4 6 - 9  

-- Area 8

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