Raccoon State Park - Upper Pond

Beaver County
May 8, 2002

Sampling Gear: Night Electrofishing

Summary: The upper pond at Raccoon State Park is an 8-acre impoundment that is located upstream of the much larger Raccoon Lake. Raccoon State Park Upper Pond contained a moderate density of largemouth bass with 33% of the bass greater than 12 inches. Three largemouth bass from 17 to 19 inches were also collected during the survey. Bluegills were abundant but quality-sized fish were lacking. Pumpkinseeds and white crappie were collected in low numbers. Carp were available in good sizes and would provide some angler recreation. Raccoon State Park Upper Pond provides anglers opportunities to catch bass, panfish, and carp.


Fish Species Number Collected Size Range
Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 21 4 – 19 33% greater than 12 in.
14% greater than 15 in.
Smallmouth bass 1 13  
Bluegill 85 2 – 6  
Pumpkinseed 2 4 – 6  
White crappie 4 3 - 6  
White sucker 8 Not measured  
Common carp 11 Not measured  

-- Area 8

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