Lower Burrell Park Pond

Westmoreland County
May 9, 2002

Sampling Gear: Night Electrofishing

Summary: Lower Burrell Park Pond (also known as Holtzhauer Lake) is a 4-acre impoundment that is located in northwestern Westmoreland County and owned by the city of Lower Burrell. Informal catch-and-release regulations have been in effect at the impoundment since September 2000. Lower Burrell Park Pond contained a good density of largemouth bass with 28% of the bass greater than 12 inches. Bluegills were very abundant with the majority of the fish between 5 and 8 inches long. Black crappies and white crappies were collected in low numbers but quality-sized fish were present. Lower Burrell Park Pond would be a good place to fish for largemouth bass and bluegills.

Lower Burrell Park Pond Survey

Fish Species Number Collected Size Range
Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 43 2 – 19 28% greater than 12 in.
5% greater than 15 in.
Smallmouth bass 1 19  
Bluegill 165 2 – 8 15% greater than 7 in.
Black crappie 6 9 – 11  
White crappie 2 9 – 13  
Sunfish hybrid 4 7 – 9  
Channel catfish 2 15 - 19  
Common carp 1 Not measured  
Emerald shiner 1 Not measured  

-- Area 8

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