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Promised Land Lake, Upper
Pike County
April 14 - 18, 2003
Sampling Gear: Trap Nets

Promised Land Lake, Upper is a 422 acre lake located within Promised Land State Park in Pike County. Panfish Enhancement Regulations for yellow perch, and sunfish (bluegill/pumpkinseed) were implemented in 2000. All other species are managed under Commonwealth Inland Waters regulations. The upper lake was surveyed as part of a statewide evaluation of the Panfish Enhancement Regulation and additional evaluation surveys are scheduled to occur in 2005 and 2007.

Biologists from Fisheries Management Area 4 and 5 trapnetted for 910 hours (39 overnight sets) in Promised Land Lake, Upper during the week of April 14, 2003. Thirteen game species and three forage species were present, and 5,908 individual fish were handled (4772 game and 1136 forage fish). Yellow perch, bluegill and pumpkinseed were the most abundant game species and provide a very good fishery (see table below).

The yellow perch catch in 2003 had greatly increased over our previous catch in 1997, but was lower than the catch in 1993. In 2003, a total of 2,054 perch were caught of which 73 percent were greater than or equal to 9 inches in length. The catch of legal size yellow perch (9 inches or greater) in 2003 was much higher than in 1997, and only slightly higher than in 1993. The 2003 catch showed a dramatic increase in the number of yellow perch 10, 11 and 12 inches in length.

8 Inch Plus Bluegill
8 Inch Plus Bluegill

In 2003, the catch of bluegill was similar to the 1997 survey catch, but higher than the catch of 1993. In 2003 a total of 1,604 bluegill were caught of which 78 percent were greater than or equal to 7 inches in length. The catch of legal size bluegill (7 inches or greater) in 2003 was higher than that of 1993 and 1997. Furthermore, there was substantial increase in the number of bluegill 8 inch in length as compared to previous surveys.

8 Inch Plus Pumpkinseed
8 Inch Plus Pumpkinseed

The 2003 catch of pumpkinseed was higher than the previous surveys in 1993 and 1997. In 2003 a total of 633 pumpkinseed were caught of which 91 percent were greater than or equal to 7 inches in length.

Other species caught in spring trapnet sets are listed below. The high catch of largemouth bass is especially noteworthy as this species generally avoids being caught in trapnets.

Nightboat electrofishing was conducted in early June to assess the predator species (largemouth bass and chain pickerel) of the lake. In 2003, a total 96 largemouth bass and 61 chain pickerel were caught in 3.68 hours of electrofishing. The catch of legal size largemouth bass was similar to previous survey years (1993 and 1997) and accounted for 32 percent of the catch. The catch of legal size chain pickerel was higher than in previous survey years, and accounted for 13 percent of the catch.

April Trapnetting
Species Size Range
Number Caught Comments
Panfish Enhancement Regulation Species
Yellow Perch 4-15 2051 With 73% 9 inches or greater
Bluegill 4-9 1604 With 78% 7 inches or greater
Pumpkinseed 4-8 633 With 91% 7 inches or greater
Commonwealth Inland Water Regulated Species
Rock bass 3-10 150 92% were 7-9 inches
Chain pickerel 8-20 132 21 were legal size
Largemouth bass 2-21 84 39 were legal size
Black crappie 2-12 44 39% were 10-12 inches
Redbreast sunfish 6-9 28  
Yellow bullhead 8-11 17  
Bluegill Hybrid 7-9 14  
Brown bullhead 10-14 9  
Green sunfish 2-12 4  
Smallmouth bass 2 and 16 2  
Forage Species
Golden shiner 4-12 1127  
Creek chubsucker 8-22 8  
Common shiner 4 1  
Grand Total   5908  
June Electrofishing
Largemouth bass 2-14 96 32% were of legal size
Chain pickerel 6-22 61 8 were of legal size

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