Biologist reports logo Dam Number 6
(McWilliams Reservoir)

Columbia & Northumberland Counties
May 17-24, 2004

Dam Number 6, also known as McWilliams Reservoir, is located on the new Roaring Creek Tract of the Wyoming State Forest in Columbia and Northumberland Counties. Currently, fishing is permitted on the state forest property but under catch and release only regulations. Boating is permitted on McWilliams Reservoir. Dam Number 6 lies approximately 3 miles behind a gated road, so access to this water is by hike-in only.

Evening View of Dam Number 6
Evening View of Dam Number 6

Biologists from the Area 4 Fisheries Management Office along with Fisheries Management Division Chief Richard Snyder surveyed Dam Number 6 with trap nets, gill nets, and electrofishing gear between May 17 and May 24, 2004. Catch rates for most species were low, although some quality size individuals, particularly bluegills, were found. Species, numbers, and sizes of fish captured were as follows:

Species Number Caught Length Range (inches)

Largemouth Bass 70 3 - 17
Chain pickerel 3 17 - 21
Bluegill 641 2 - 10
Pumpkinseed 8 3 - 9
Green Sunfish Not Counted Not Measured
Hybrid Sunfish 2 9
Brown Bullhead 31 9 - 16
Margined Madtom 1 3
Creek Chubsucker 1 8

Dam Number 6 Bluegills
Dam Number 6 Bluegills

-- Rob Wnuk, Area 4 Fisheries Technician

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