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Stocked Area

Carbon County
August 11-12, 2004

Fisheries Management Area 5 staff assisted by the Coldwater Unit from Pleasant Gap and Army Corps of Engineer personnel from Beltzville Reservoir electrofished Section 4 of Pohopoco Creek in Carbon County from August 11-12, 2004. This study was part of an ongoing effort to refine management plans for waterways throughout the state.

Electro-fishing Pohopoco Creek

Section 4 is stocked from the outlet of Beltzville Lake downstream 1.9 miles to the PA Turnpike Bridge (SR 0476). One site covering 0.35 miles (or 624 yards) of stream was worked. A total of 385 brown trout ranging in size from 2-13 inches were caught and handled, of which 61 percent (234 trout) were of legal size (> or = 7 inches).

Downstream of Beltzville Lake

In addition to the catch of brown trout; 57 legal-sized hatchery trout, stocked this spring, were also caught during this survey. The catch of stocked trout included 27 brown trout, 28 brook trout and two rainbow trout. Stocked trout were separated from the catch based on body coloration and fin wear.

Pohopoco Creek

Anglers should take advantage of the cool weather and try their skill or luck as the case may be. There is certainly enough trout to provide an enjoyable experience. For the novice angler, this section of Pohopoco Creek provides ample room to develop one’s casting skill. Section 4 is a wide open stream, but be careful since the best places to catch trout are along the shoreline where the mountain laurel and snags await your tackle.

Pohopoco Creek

-- Dave Arnold, Area 5 Fisheries Manager

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