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Schuylkill County
May 3, 2004
Sampling Technique: Day Electrofishing

On May 3 biologists from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission’s (PFBC) southeast region office conducted a daylight electrofishing survey of Auburn Dam. The purpose of the survey was to collect a second sample of largemouth bass and yellow perch for flesh contamination analysis, specifically PCB’s. A similar survey of largemouth bass and yellow perch was conducted in April of 2003 because fish flesh analysis requires samples from two consecutive years to provide conclusive results. Previous flesh contamination analyses have resulted in one meal per month consumption advisories on bluegill and brown bullhead caught from Auburn Dam as a result of PCB contamination. Samples were provided to DEP for analysis and then decision making with three state agencies involved in issuing consumption advisories.

During 2 hour and 6 minutes of electrofishing PFBC biologists collected 19 largemouth bass with 12 being greater than or equal 12 inches long and 8 being greater than or equal to 15 inches long. The largest bass was 19 inches long. Heavy rains the night prior to the survey produced muddy conditions in the lake reducing visibility to almost zero. Comparing the 2004 largemouth bass catch with the 2003 catch would not be appropriate because the poor visibility encountered during the 2004 survey severely limited the crews ability to collect fish that may have been present just below the surface of the water.

19 inch largemouth bass
19 inch largemouth bass

In addition to largemouth bass, chain pickerel up to 26 inches and yellow perch up to 10 inches were collected during the survey. Numerous white suckers and very large carp were also observed.

26 inch chain pickerel
26 inch chain pickerel

-- Dave Miko, Area 6 Fisheries Biologist

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