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Fish Salvage

Blair County
October 15, 2004

On October 15, 2004 Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) Biologists and Blair County Waterways Conservation Officers (WCO) salvaged fish from below the spillway at Canoe Lake. The 155 acre Canoe Lake is located in Canoe Creek State Park, Blair County. Canoe Lake is managed under the PFBC's Big Bass Program.

Canoe Lake spillway and concrete basin
Canoe Lake spillway and concrete basin

High water levels due to heavy rain events from this year’s hurricanes resulted in an unusually high number of game fish and panfish going over the dam and becoming stranded in the shallow (less than 1.5 feet) concrete basin located at the base of the spillway. Concern for the survival of these fish during a scheduled winter draw down, which would have eliminated the flow of water into the basin, prompted the relocation of the fish back into the lake.

Moving fish back to the lake
(left to right) PFBC Fisheries Technician John Frederick, retired WCO Walter Rosser and WCO Craig Garman with walleye and largemouth bass to be moved back into the lake

As a result of the efforts of past and present PFBC personnel approximately 850 fish, including some large walleye and largemouth bass, were successfully returned to the lake (Table 1). Various age classes of walleye captured in the plunge pool provided insight into the success of the annual walleye fingerling stockings in Canoe Lake.

Table 1. Approximate numbers of game fish returned to Canoe Lake during the salvage.

Fish Species by Common Name Approximate Size Range in Inches Approximate Number Returned to Canoe Lake
Walleye 5 to 18 Inches 20
Brown and Rainbow Trout 9 to 15 Inches 25
Largemouth Bass 6 to 19 Inches 25
Bluegill 2 to 8 Inches 750
Yellow Perch 6 to 11 Inches 15
Black Crappie 4 to 7 Inches 15

Loading buckets with fish to be returned to the lake
(left to right) PFBC retired deputy WCO Timothy Gracey, Blair/Huntingdon County WCO Craig Garman, Fisheries Technician John Frederick and retired WCO Walter Rosser load buckets with fish to be returned to the lake

-- John R Frederick, Area 7 Fisheries Technician

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