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Tioga & Lycoming Counties
August 2005

Cedar Run is a popular wild trout stream located mostly on Tioga State Forest Land within Tioga and Lycoming Counties in northcentral Pennsylvania. The stream is paralleled by a gravel road, which provides good access for anglers. It supports an excellent population of wild brook and brown trout and meets the PFBC’s Class A wild trout stream criteria. Cedar Run has been managed under special regulations for many years and provides for quality angling opportunities. Anglers should consult their 2005 Summary Book of PA Fishing Laws and Regulations to confirm the specific regulations that apply to the sections of Cedar Run they plan to fish.

Cedar Run
Typical Cedar Run habitat photographed during the August 2005 survey

Fisheries Management Area 3 and Coldwater Unit staff used backpack electrofishing gear to conduct an electrofishing survey on a 525-yard index site on Cedar Run located downstream of the confluence with Mine Hole Run. Brook trout collected during the 2005 survey ranged from 2 – 9 inches while brown trout ranged from 2 – 21 inches. In addition to brook and brown trout, blacknose dace, longnose dace, slimy sculpins, cutlips minnows, central stonerollers, and white suckers were also collected.

Brook trout
9” wild brook trout collected during the August 2005 survey

Brown trout
21” wild brown trout collected during the August 2005 survey

Table 1. Length-frequency distribution of wild brook and brown trout collected during the first electrofishing pass in the August 2005 survey.

Length (inches) Brook Trout Brown Trout
2 93 68
3 110 103
4 1 8
5 8 38
6 7 43
7 12 21
8 11 25
9 5 16
10 -- 15
11 -- 16
12 -- 6
13 -- 5
14 -- 4
15 -- 2
16 -- 6
17 -- 1
18 -- 1
19 -- 2
20 -- 1
21 -- 1

Below average precipitation throughout 2005 resulted in low summer stream flows throughout northcentral Pennsylvania making fishing conditions rather challenging. However, the low flows during spring likely enhanced the survival of young-of-the-year brook and brown trout providing for a strong year-class as indicated by the high relative abundance of 2 and 3-inch trout (Table 1). These small trout will play an important role in the abundance of desirable-size adult trout within a few years.

As autumn progresses and the fall foliage continues towards its peak, anglers should take advantage of the aesthetically pleasing setting as well as the robust wild brook and brown trout populations that Cedar Run offers.

-- Jason Detar, Fisheries Technician, Area 3

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