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Susquehanna and Bradford Counties
Preseason 2005

Area 4 biologists are studying the movement of preseason stocked trout. The two study waters are Tunkhannock Creek in Susquehanna County and Wysox Creek in Bradford County. The study involves tagging, radio telemetry, and electrofishing. Almost all of the preseason fish stocked in both streams were tagged. The tags consist of a piece of colored plastic attached to the trout near its dorsal fin.

Tagged trout

Close-up of tagsAnglers who catch one of these tagged trout are asked to report it to We are asking for the following information:

  • Angler name and e-mail address. We need this information for the prize drawing. Anglers who report a tagged trout will have their names entered into the drawing once for each fish. The drawing will be conducted at the end of October. The prize will be a numbered print of the 1991 trout/salmon stamp (1st of state).
  • Tag Color
  • Tag Number
  • Species of fish (brook, brown, rainbow, or unknown)
  • Date the fish was caught
  • Stream where the fish was caught
  • Whether the fish was kept or released

Radio telemetry involves surgically implanting a radio transmitter into a trout. The transmitter puts out a signal that biologists can then track to see where and when the fish move. We stocked 12 radio-tagged fish into Wysox Creek and 13 into Tunkhannock Creek. Anyone who catches one of these fish will easily recognize it by the 10 inch antenna sticking out from its abdomen. We would like to get the transmitters back, so anyone who returns these to us will receive a one-year subscription to the Pennsylvania Angler and Boater magazine. You can report catching a radio tagged trout to


The Stocking Crew on a cold day at Tunkhannock Creek
The stocking crew on a cold day at Tunkhannock Creek

-- Rob Wnuk, Area 4

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