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Luzerne County
Week of November 7, 2005

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission biologists conducted a gill net survey of Harveys Lake, Luzerne County during the week of November 7. The primary objective of the evaluation was to assess the lakes brown trout population. Trout in Harveys Lake have been managed under special regulations since 1998. The objective of the special regulation was to increase the number of large (greater than 18 inches) brown trout. Results of this work suggest that the regulations are working as the catch rate of large trout has increased by twofold since 1998.

Graph showing brown trout catch rates

In addition to the brown trout a number of smallmouth bass and walleye were also caught.

Daryl Pierce with 22” brown trout
Daryl Pierce with 22 inch brown trout
18” smallmouth bass
18 inch smallmouth bas

20 inch brown trout
20 inch brown trout

21” smallmouth bass
21 inch smallmouth bass
Fisheries Management Chief Leroy Young with nice brown trout
Fisheries Management Chief Leroy Young with nice brown trout
25” brown trout
25 inch brown trout


-- Bob Moase, Area 4 Fisheries Manager

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