Biologist reports logo Raystown Lake
(Great Trough Creek)

Huntingdon County
April 6, 2005

Biologists from the PFBC, Fisheries Management Division conducted a night electrofishing survey at the mouth of Great Trough Creek. Great Trough Creek is located in Huntingdon County and flows through the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources Trough Creek State Park.

Walleye from Raystown Lake run up Great Trough Creek annually to spawn. This one night electrofishing effort provides a snapshot of Raystown Lake’s walleye population. Scales were taken from all the walleye caught in this early survey to give the biologist insight into age, growth and annual recruitment of these fish. It also provides additional information on this species to fisheries surveys conducted on the entire lake. Walleyes have not been stocked into Raystown Lake since 1998. This seven year period of no stocking will assist Biologists in determining the walleye’s ability to sustain itself through natural reproduction.

Dusk at Great Trough Creek
Dusk at Great Trough Creek

A total of 36 walleye were captured during the survey. The catch was comprised of 30 males from 18 to 27 inches and 6 females from 25 to 28 inches. The largest male was 27 inches and 5 pounds while the largest female was 28 inches and 9 pounds. Although males dominated the catch, the catch also included both gravid females (holding eggs) and females readily releasing eggs indicating the temperature-driven spawning run was quickly approaching its peak.

Area Fisheries Manager Dave Miko with a nice walleye
Area Fisheries Manager Dave Miko with a nice walleye

The table below depicts walleye captured by electrofishing at the mouth of Great Trough Creek.

Walleye length
Total number captured
Male Female
18 1  
21 4  
22 14  
23 6  
24 3  
25 1 1
26   2
27 1 2
28   1
-- John Frederick, Area 7 Fisheries Technician

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