Biologist reports logo Perez Lake
(Stone Valley Lake)

Huntingdon County
October 18-24, 2005

Located in Huntingdon County, Perez Lake is a 29 acre impoundment surrounded by the Stone Valley Recreation Area. This Pennsylvania State University owned impoundment was drained in 2000 to facilitate repairs to the dam. Following the refilling of the lake in 2001 the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission began restoring the fish populations through a series of planed fish stockings.

Perez Lake
Perez Lake is a remote scenic lake that offers plenty of opportunity for relaxation

The reintroduction of fish began in 2002 with the planting of 2,000 largemouth bass fingerlings. Subsequent introductions included: 4,000 bluegill fingerlings in 2003, 2,000 largemouth bass fingerlings in 2004, and 700 chain pickerel fingerlings and 1,500 black crappie fingerlings in 2005.

Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission biologists sampled Perez Lake in October to monitor the progress of the lake’s building fish populations. Sampling gear included the use of both trap nets and night electrofishing techniques.

PSU students
Penn State University fisheries students take the opportunity to collect scales for age and growth analysis

The lake survey also provided the opportunity for students from one of Penn State University’s fisheries management classes to learn about various lake sampling techniques. The students also gained some hands on experience collecting and recording fisheries data.

White sucker collected during the trap netting survey of Perez LakePanfish collected during the survey included black crappie, bluegill, pumpkinseed, yellow perch, and rock bass. Overall, black crappie numbers were fair with fish ranging in lengths from 2 inches to 12 inches long. Bluegill were collected in low numbers and were found between 2 and 8 inches long. Although not stocked as part of the initial fish reintroduction yellow perch were fairly common in the collection with individual fish ranging from 3 to 11 inches long. The presence of yellow perch in the catch was the result of these fish surviving in Shavers Creek upstream of the dam following the dewatering of Perez Lake in 2000. These fish were then available to repopulate the lake once it was refilled.

Chain pickerel were collected between 8 and 21 inches long and were providing afternoon action for a couple of anglers taking a break from their morning deer hunt.

Trap net
Fisheries Technician John Frederick displays his excellent trap net anchor throwing technique

The largemouth bass population was good with 84 bass collected in 80 minutes of electrofishing. Largemouth bass ranged in lengths from 3 to 15 inches long.

The table below summarizes the catch of all fish species during the October survey of Lake Perez (trap netting and electrofishing combined).

Largemouth Bass 90 3-15
Black Crappie 65 2-12
Bluegill 37 2-8
Yellow Perch 77 3-11
Pumpkinseed 10 2-7
Rock Bass 2 4
Chain Pickerel 15 8-21
Brown Bullhead 8 12-13
White Sucker 25 Not measured
-- Area 7

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