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Lackawanna County
May 2006

Lackawanna Lake is a 198 acre impoundment located in Lackawanna State Park. The park is about seven miles north of Scranton. It is stocked with trout, is under Big Bass Regulations, and has a reputation for producing nice panfish. Area 4 biologists sampled Lackawanna Lake with trap nets during the week of May 1, 2006, to monitor panfish populations.

Bluegills were abundant during the survey and lots of nice size individuals were present (Figure 1). Black crappies were less abundant than bluegills but crappie catch rate and size distribution were also good (Figure 2).

Figure 1. Length-frequency distribution of bluegills caught at Lackawanna Lake in May 2006
Figure 1

Figure 2. Length-frequency distribution of black crappies caught at Lackawanna Lake in May 2006
Figure 2

The complete list of fish caught during the survey is in Table 1 (below). Some of the trophies included a 36 inch tiger muskellunge and a 34 inch carp. Both of these fish are pictured below.

Lackawanna State Park manager Alex Stout with a typical Lackawanna Lake bluegill
Fisheries Biologist Aide Ryan McGrady with a 34 inch carp

Pennsylvania Outdoor Life’s Ken Hunter with a 36 inch tiger muskellunge

Table of fish caught during the 2006 Lackawanna Lake panfish survey

Species Number Caught Length Range (inches)
Bluegill 804 2-9
Pumpkinseed 259 2-8
Green Sunfish 1 4
Hybrid Sunfish 3 8
Black Crappie 346 3-11
Yellow Perch 29 4-14
Chain Pickerel 16 14-23
Tiger Muskellunge 1 36
Brown Bullhead 56 7-16
Yellow Bullhead 60 7-13
Channel Catfish 5 4-9
White Sucker 186 10-21
Common Carp 4 10-34
Fallfish 1 8
Golden Shiner 334 4-10
Rainbow Trout 16 Not Measured
Brook Trout 4 Not Measured
Largemouth Bass 2 3-4
-- Rob Wnuk, Area 4 Fisheries Technician

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