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Franklin County
August 22-23, 2006

Sampling Technique - Towed Boat Electrofishing

Located in Franklin County, Falling Spring Branch can be characterized as a fertile limestone spring. Falling Spring Branch offers anglers diverse angling opportunities. Anglers may choose to fish for wild trout in the Catch and Release Fly-Fishing Only section or fish for stocked trout in either the Delayed Harvest Artificial Lures Only section or in the section open to angling under Statewide Regulations.

Anglers are fortunate to have a greenway along significant portions of Falling Spring Branch, which offers protection from the effects of development within the watershed as well as guaranteed access to the stream corridor. The Greenway Association and Trout Unlimited have been instrumental in securing these greenways and assisting with stream habitat improvement projects.

Biologists and technicians from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission Fisheries Management Division conducted a survey of three historic sites in the Catch and Release Fly-fishing Only Section of Falling Spring Branch in August. This survey will provide insight for future fisheries management plans.

Falling Spring Branch supports populations of wild rainbow and brown trout. Wild rainbow trout collected during the survey were between 2 and 21 inches in total length. Wild brown trout ranged from between 3 and 19 inches in total length. Other species found during the survey include white sucker, tiger trout, brook trout, pearl dace and redbreast sunfish. A summary table depicting the total trout caught during the survey is provided below.

Total catch of trout using towed boat electrofishing gear for the three historic sites
totaling approximately 950 yards in the Catch & Release Fly Fishing Only Section.
Species Total Number Caught Size Range
Total Number of Trout
Seven Inches or Greater
Wild Rainbow Trout 446 2-21 120
Wild Brown Trout 216 3-19 82
Hatchery Brown Trout 2 23 2
Hatchery Brook Trout 1 11 1
Hatchery Tiger Trout 2 22 2

Wild rainbows
Wild rainbow trout captured in Falling Spring Branch

Wild brown
Wild brown trout captured in Falling Spring Branch

Releasing a blue jay
Fisheries Biologist Aide, Dave Nihart releasing a blue jay from a tangle of monofilament leader.
Anglers are reminded to properly dispose of their tippet material.

-- John Frederick, Area 7 Fisheries Technician

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