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Fayette County
May 2006

6 trap net sets - May 8-10
Night electrofishing - May 25

Dunlap Creek Lake is a 50-acre PFBC impoundment near Uniontown, PA, in Fayette County. The lake has one boat launch (motorized boats are restricted to electric motors only), adequate parking, picnic tables and fishing piers. These facilities are provided and maintained by Fayette County.

Fish populations in Dunlap Creek Lake are managed under statewide regulations. The lake is heavily fished for trout, which are stocked in February, April, May and October by the PFBC. The PFBC also stocks walleye and saugeye (a walleye/sauger hybrid) fingerlings on alternate years at Dunlap Creek Lake. The purpose of the survey was to monitor the status of lake fish population and water quality parameters since the previous survey in 1992 and adjust fish management strategies where needed.

Largemouth bass at Dunlap Creek Lake are available in good numbers and sizes. The catch of bass 12 inches or greater was 35 bass per hour of electrofishing in 2006 compared to 33 bass per hour in 1992. The catch rate of bass 15 inches or greater was much higher in 2006 (14 per hour) than in 1992 (2 per hour). Overall the bass population at Dunlap Creek Lake is good and should provide quality bass fishing. The biggest largemouth bass that we collected was 20.5 inches, 5.2 pounds.

Largemouth bass
Intern Brian Smith with a 19.8 inch, 3.3 lb. and 20.5 inch, 5.2 lb. largemouth bass

Nine walleyes and eight saugeyes were captured with trap nets in 2006 compared to nine walleyes and one saugeye in 1992. Sample timing, post spawning for walleye, leads to lower overall catch than for panfish. Panfish are in spawning or pre-spawning mode and movement along shore and vulnerability to trap nest is near it’s peak, which was not the case for walleye. All walleyes in 2006 were legal size (15 inches or greater). Three saugeyes were 26 inches or greater with the largest one being 28.3 inches and 13.2 pounds. Dunlap Creek Lake would be a good place to fish for walleyes and saugeyes. In past years we have had some difficulty obtaining consistent numbers of saugeyes for stocking; consequently, we may consider alternative management strategies with respect to providing fishing opportunities for these species.

Fisheries Biologist Aide Matt Kinsey with a 26 inch, 8.4 lb saugeye

The panfish trap net catch was somewhat low at Dunlap Creek Lake. Black crappie trap net catch increased from 7 in 1992 to 29 in 2006. Ten out of the 29 crappies (35%) in 2006 were 9 inches or greater. The number of bluegills collected in the trap nets decreased from 190 in 1992 to 56 in 2006. Some quality-sized bluegills are available in the lake. The steep-sided nature of the lake reduced our trap net efficiency somewhat, which would decrease the number of fish we captured in them.

Overall, our survey results suggest Dunlap Creek Lake would be a good place to fish for largemouth bass, walleye, saugeye, and stocked trout; and fishing for bluegill and crappies would be considered fair.

Fish Species Number Collected Size Range (inches) Additional Comments
Largemouth Bass 88 3-21 50% greater than 12 in.
19% greater than 15 in.
Walleye 9 13-23 22% greater than 15 in.
Saugeye 8 16-29 All legal fish (>15in.)
Bluegill 56 2-8 20% greater than 7 in.
Black Crappie 29 5-10 35% greater than 9 in.
Pumpkinseed 1 2  
Yellow Perch 2 5  
Brown Bullhead 2 13  
Channel Catfish 1 21  
Golden Redhorse 1 16  
Carp 1 Not Measured  
Rainbow Trout 8 Not Measured  
Golden Rainbow Trout 1 Not Measured  

-- Gary Smith, Area 8 Fisheries Technician

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