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Hills Creek Lake Panfish

Tioga County
May 14-25, 2007

Hills Creek Lake is a 136 acre impoundment located within Hills Creek State Park. Area 4 biologists sampled Hills Creek Lake in 2003, 2005, and 2007 as part of a statewide study of special regulations on panfish. Hills Creek Lake is managed with conventional panfish regulations, so it served as a control water for the statewide study.

The 2007 survey at Hills Creek Lake included 40 trap nets set over a two-week period from May 14-25. Bluegills were the principal panfish collected, with impressive numbers captured between 7 and 9 inches.

Figure 1. Length-frequency distribution of bluegill caught at Hills Creek Lake in May 2007.

Figure 1

Some nice black crappie collected from Hills Creek Lake

A pair of 9-inch bluegills collected from Hills Creek Lake

Table 1. Fish caught during the 2007 Hills Creek Lake panfish survey.

Table 1

-- Aaron Frey, Area 4 Fisheries Biologist

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