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Bradys Run Lake
Beaver County
2008 Spring Electrofishing
June 2, 2008

On June 2, 2008 Area One Fisheries Management personnel sampled Bradys Run Lake by means of an electroshocking boat to assess the largemouth bass population. Bradys Run Lake is a 28-acre lake located within Bradys Run County Park two miles north of Beaver, Pa on State Route 51 in Beaver County. The lake is stocked both pre-season as well as in-season with catchable size trout and contains a naturally reproducing largemouth bass population. The lake is contained in Pennsylvania’s Big Bass Program. There is one boat ramp located on the east end of the lake near the dam. Bradys Run Lake is limited to electric motors only.

In addition to fishing and boating, the nearly 2,000 acre park offers a number of recreational activities ranging hiking and swimming to tennis and horseback riding, a complete list of activities found at Bradys Run Park can be found at

In 60 minutes of electrofishing, we netted a total of 96 largemouth bass. Bass ranged in size from 6-19 inches with the average fish caught being 9-12 inches in length. Out of the 96 fish sampled 32% were 12 inches and larger and 5% were 15 inches and larger. Under the Big Bass Program, bass harvest is regulated with a 15-inch minimum size limit and a 4 fish per day creel limit with a “No Harvest” season from April 14-June 15 (see page 7 of the 2009 summary handbook). The total catch per unit effort (number of fish caught per hour) is up 23% from 2007 (Figure 1).

Figure 1. Graph illustrating largemouth bass catch per hour from 1994-2008 for bass ≥12 and ≥15 inches.

Figure 1

Area 1 Fisheries Biologist Aide Devin DeMario holds up two 19-inch largemouth bass
Area 1 Fisheries Biologist Aide Devin DeMario holds up two 19-inch largemouth bass

Figure 2. Graph illustrating the size frequency and abundance of bass caught in Brady’s Run Lake Spring 2008.

Figure 2

Devin displaying a nice 19.5-inch bass
Devin displaying a nice 19.5-inch bass

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