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Edinboro Lake
Erie County
Spring 2008 Trapnet and Electrofishing Survey
Week of April 21, 2008

Edinboro Lake is located in the town of Edinboro near the intersection of 6N and route 99 in Erie County. This 252-acre natural lake has no restrictions on horsepower making it a popular destination for not only anglers but also pleasure boaters and jet skiers.

During the week of April 21, 2008 Fisheries Management personnel performed a survey of Edinboro Lake fish populations using Pennsylvania style trapnets. Four nets were set in seven different locations resulting in a total of 16 sets and 374 hours of trapnet effort. A total of 2,501 fish were sampled comprising 16 different species.

Among the fish caught, panfish were the most plentiful. Bluegill, black crappie, pumpkinseed, and yellow perch represented 86% of the total fish netted. Edinboro Lake supports a dense population of panfish. Bluegill sampled ranged in size from 3.5-7.5 inches and black crappie ranged from 3-11 inches (Figure 1).

Figure1. Graph illustrating the abundance and size distribution of bluegill and black crappie in Edinboro Lake.

Figure 1

Black crappie
Edinboro Lake black crappie

Along with panfish, numerous other fish were sampled encompassing game and non-game species such as brown and yellow bullhead, white sucker, large and smallmouth bass, quillback, golden shiner, bowfin, musky, and walleye.

A total of 28 walleye and 16 muskellunge were netted. All walleye caught were of legal size ranging in length from 17-23 inches. Muskellunge ranged in size from 27-40 inches with the majority of the catch from 30-34 inches. This is a good sign of recent stockings being successful and new year classes moving into the population. Edinboro Lake is one of 14 lakes in the state that are managed under the “Brood Stock Lakes Program” making this lake closed to muskellunge harvest from April 1st through May 31st. Please refer to page 27 of the 2009 regulation book for further details.

Fisheries Biologist Aide Devin DeMario with an Edinboro Lake walleye

A nice muskellunge netted at Edinboro Lake

Although trapnets usually do not effectively sample black bass, Edinboro Lake yielded a few smallmouth and largemouth bass in our net sample. Smallmouth were of nice size and ranged from 13 inches to an impressive 20 inches. To better assess the black bass population in Edinboro Lake a night electrofishing survey was performed on the evening of May 22, 2008. A total of 99 fish were collected in 1.48 hours of electrofishing effort comprised of 95 largemouth bass and 4 smallmouth bass. This resulted in a catch per unit effort (number of fish netted in one hour of electroshocking time) of 64 largemouth per hour. Largemouth bass ranged in size from 3-19 inches with 22% of the sample being larger than 12 inches and 15% being larger than 15 inches (Figure 2). Smallmouth bass sampled were 12-17 inches in length.

Figure 2. Graph showing the size distribution and abundance of largemouth bass sampled.

Figure 2

Devin with a 20-inch smallmouth
Devin with a 20-inch smallmouth

Unfortunately, zebra mussels have become established in Edinboro Lake since they were first detected in 2000. Zebra mussels are a non-native, invasive species that have potential to upset the ecological balance of aquatic communities they colonize. Anglers and boaters are encouraged to take every precaution to stop the spread of this invasive species to other Pennsylvania waterways. Please refer to page 39 of the 2009 regulation handbook for a detailed list of precautions.

Edinboro Lake offers anglers the opportunity to catch quality size walleye and muskellunge while providing a productive fishery for panfish and largemouth bass as well.

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