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Harris Pond
Luzerne County
April 2009

Area 4 biologists conducted a general inventory of Harris Pond in the spring of 2009. We used trap nets during the week of April 20 to collect panfish and night electrofishing gear on the evening of April 30 to collect largemouth bass. Bluegill was the dominant panfish in Harris Pond. Bluegills ranged from 2.0 to 9.9 inches long (Table 1, Figure 1) and catch rates were high. Nice sized crappie, yellow perch, bullheads, and chain pickerel were also present in the sample. Catch rates of crappie, however, were lower than expected.

Largemouth bass catch per unit effort (CPUE) values during the night electrofishing work were as follows: total catch 128/hour; catch > 12 inches 31/hour; and catch > 15 inches 1/hour. Catch per unit effort values for total catch and catch > 12 inches were good, but CPUE for bass > 15 inches was low. The size distribution of largemouth bass is depicted below (Fig. 2).

Harris Pond is located on Main Road in Sweet Valley. Routes 29 and 118 provide easy access to the lake from the Wyoming Valley. The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) owns Harris Pond and its surrounding shoreline. Additionally, the PFBC leased some of the adjacent property to Ross Township for construction of recreational facilities. Athletic fields, basketball courts, and tennis courts are available in addition to good fishing, making this complex a wonderful place for a family outing. Big Bass Regulations apply at Harris Pond, so make sure to consult your summary book before wetting a line.

Table 1. Number and size of fish caught during the 2009 Harris Pond survey.


Number Caught

Size Range (inches)



2.0 - 9.9

Black Crappie


3.0 - 12.9



5.0 - 8.9

Hybrid Sunfish


7.0 - 8.9

Yellow Perch


4.0 - 11.9

Brown Bullhead


12.0 - 17.9

Yellow Bullhead


7.0 - 12.9

Chain Pickerel


6.0 - 22.9

Largemouth Bass


4.0 - 21.9

Figure 1. Length-frequency distribution of bluegill caught at Harris Pond during the 2009 survey.

Figure 1

Figure 2. Length-frequency distribution of largemouth bass caught at Harris Pond during the 2009 survey.

Figure 2

Largemouth bass
Fisheries Biologist Aaron Frey with a largemouth bass from Harris Pond

-- Rob Wnuk, Area 4 Fishereis Manager

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