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Cranberry Glade Lake
Somerset County
April 2009
Survey Gear: Night Electrofishing and Trap Nets

Biologists from the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) Area 8 office in Somerset surveyed Cranberry Glade Lake to assess the warmwater and coolwater fish populations during the week of April 20th. Cranberry Glade Lake is a 72 acre lake located within Pennsylvania Game Commission (PGC) State Game Lands 111 in western Somerset County. The lake has limited productivity (alkalinity < 10mg/l) but contains an abundance of standing timber, stumps, and aquatic vegetation that provides habitat for a variety of gamefish and panfish species. Cranberry Glade Lake was surveyed using Night Flatbottom Boat Electrofishing and Pennsylvania Style Trap Nets.

A total of 40 largemouth bass were captured during night electrofishing. Of the 40 bass captured, 75% were greater than 12 inches and 38% were greater than 15 inches in length. Although not in the Big Bass program, PFBC guidelines for Big Bass Regulations were exceeded at Cranberry Glade Lake with bass over 12 inches collected at a rate of 29 per hour (state guideline 7 per hour) and bass over 15 inches collected at a rate of 15 per hour (state guideline 2 per hour.) Trophy size fish were available, with bass in the 21 to 23 inch range being captured. The overall quality of the bass population from our 2009 survey was considerably higher than surveys from 1979 and 1996.

Figure 1

Northern pike were also captured while electrofishing at Cranberry Glade Lake. More pike were found in 2009 than in previous years, with fish ranging in size from 10 to 25 inches.

Table 1. Northern pike catch at Cranberry Glade Lake during three survey years.
Length (inches) 1979 1996 2009
10     1
19     1
20 1   2
21 1   3
22     2
23 1   2
25     1
26 1    
27   1  
28   1  
29   1  
30   1  
31   1  
34   1  
Total 4 6 12
NTEF: Night Electrofishing, GN: Gill Netting, TN: Trap Netting

The population of black crappie has improved considerably since the previous survey in 1997. A total of 113 black crappies were captured in trap nets in 2009, compared to only 32 in 1997. Thirty percent of the black crappie captured were over 9 inches in length in 2009.

Figure 2

Black crappie
Fisheries Biologist Mike Depew with a couple of nice black crappie

Bluegills provide another species that anglers can target at Cranberry Glade Lake. Unseasonably cold weather likely reduced our overall bluegill catch, but a good number of fish were still captured in our trap nets. Bluegill in the 6 and 7 inch size range are available to anglers.

Figure 3

Other species that can provide action for anglers at Cranberry Glade Lake include pumpkinseed, yellow perch, and brown bullhead. In addition, a few trophy sized musky inhabit the waters. The PFBC has not stocked musky in the lake and are unsure of their origin.

This 43” musky was captured in one of our trap nets

Table 2. Fish collected from night electrofishing and trap netting at Cranberry Glade Lake, Somerset County in April 2009.
Fish Species Number Collected Size Range (inches) Additional Comments
Largemouth bass 40 3-23 38% over 15 inches
Black crappie 113 4-13 30% over 9 inches
Bluegill 125 2-7 4% over 7 inches
Northern pike 12 10-25  
Yellow perch 15 4-11  
Pumpkinseed 9 3-5  
Brown bullhead 15 11-15  
Yellow bullhead 1 9  
Muskellunge 1 43  
Common carp 6 Not measured  
Golden shiner 28 Not measured  

A warm spring day in Somerset County!

In conclusion, Cranberry Glade Lake provides an excellent opportunity to catch trophy largemouth bass and northern pike, good numbers of quality size black crappie, and bluegill.

-- Prepared by Area 8 Fisheries Biologist Mike Depew

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