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PA-799 Reservoir
(Shepherds Pond)
Bradford County
April-May 2010

Shepherds Pond or PA-799 Reservoir is a 40 acre impoundment located on State Game Lands 250 northeast of New Albany in Bradford County. The Pennsylvania Game Commission owns the lake and manages it for duck production, but public fishing is permitted. The lake is shallow, contains abundant aquatic vegetation, and has large amounts of standing timber in the water. Because of the vegetation, it can become difficult to fish by late spring/early summer.

Area 4 biologists examined PA-799 Reservoir for the first time in 2010. Trap netting during the week of April 26 documented 10 different species of fish (Table 1) along with snapping and painted turtles. Bluegills were the dominant panfish while golden shiners were the dominant forage fish. We caught a single channel catfish, but that individual measured 33 inches long. Catch rates for all species were low, probably because of the strong cold front that was in the area all week and affected sampling. We experienced snow, sleet, and high winds on most of the days we were there.

Night electrofishing on the evening of May 5 found an excellent population of largemouth bass. Catch per Unit Effort (CPUE) values for largemouth bass were as follows:

Total CPUE: 103.9/hour
CPUE > 12 inches: 20.6/hour
CPUE > 15 inches: 3.4/hour

All CPUE values were very good. The biggest largemouth we caught was 21.9 inches long, and we caught three bass over 20 inches long during 1.1 hours of electrofishing.

Table 1. Number and size of fish caught during the 2010 survey of PA-799 Reservoir.


Number Caught

Length Range (inches)

Largemouth bass 119 4 - 22
Channel catfish 1 33
Chain pickerel 2 11 - 20
Bluegill 163 4 - 7
Pumpkinseed 8 5 - 9
Black crappie 17 5 - 11
Yellow perch 4 10 - 12

Yellow bullhead

39 9 - 12
Brown bullhead 3 14 - 15
Golden shiner 24 6 - 10

33 inch channel catfish from PA-799 Reservoir

Standing timber
Standing timber at PA-799 Reservoir

— Rob Wnuk, Area 4 Fisheries Manager

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