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Twin Lakes Number One Reservoir
(Lower Twin Lake)
Westmoreland County
May 2010
Sample Gear: Night Boat Electrofishing and
Pennsylvania Style Trap Nets

Lower Twin Lake is a fertile 30 acre lake that is located east of Greensburg, PA. The lake is part of Twin Lakes Park and is owned and operated by Westmoreland County and managed for fishing by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. The park retains a natural setting amidst several suburbs with a large wooded area adjacent to the lake. Big Bass Regulations and Panfish Enhancement Regulations for crappie are in effect at Lower Twin Lake. Lower Twin Lake, like Upper Twin Lake, is an Stocked Trout Water. A high number of catchable size trout are stocked into both Upper and Lower Twin lakes making them very popular for trout fishing. Private boating is prohibited; however boat rentals are available at the concession area.

Area 8 Fisheries Biologist Mike Depew holding a large spiny softshell turtle

Biologists from the Area 8 Fisheries Management Office in Somerset, PA conducted a routine resurvey of the lake in May 2010 using Pennsylvania style trap nets and night flat bottom boat electrofishing. In our trap nets, bluegills and crappie were caught in good numbers and good sizes (Table 1). Decent numbers of nice sized yellow perch and pumpkinseed were also captured.

Table 1. 2010 Survey Gear: 6 Trap Net Sets
Fish Species Number Size Range (inches) Comments
Bluegill 124 2 - 9 53% Quality Size Fish
Pumpkinseed 27 5 - 8 40% Quality Size Fish
Green Sunfish 10 2 - 7 -
Yellow Perch 23 8 - 10 83% Quality Size Fish
Black Crappie 36 8 - 10 53% Quality Size Fish
White Crappie 66 7 - 14 88% Quality Size Fish
Brown Bullhead 3 7 - 19 -
Yellow Bullhead 1 7 - 12 -
Carp 1 Not Measured -
White Sucker 3 Not Measured -
Golden Shiner 1 Not Measured -

Total numbers of bluegills captured per net hour during the survey were lower than the last survey, while the amount of quality size fish over 7 inches remained about the same.

Figure 1

The amount of crappies captured was lower than in 1998; however we did capture a lot of quality fish during the survey. White crappies in particular were larger and more abundant this year than in 1998 (Figure 2). We collected 47 white crappie that were 10 inches or larger.

Figure 2

Our survey crew collected 269 largemouth bass during the nighttime electrofishing runs (Table 2). The overall total fish captured increased since the last survey, however the number of quality size bass dropped slightly (Figure 3).

 Table 2. 2010 Survey Gear: 3 Nighttime Boat Electrofishing Runs
Fish Species Number Size Range (Inches) Comments
Largemouth Bass 269 3 - 17 13% were 12" or larger     
1% were 15"or larger

Figure 3

Typical size bass
Fisheries Biologist Aide Joseph Cocco with two typical size bass from the survey

The PFBC stocks channel catfish fingerling annually at Lower Twin Lake. Channel catfish were not collected in our net survey although we receive reports of anglers catching them. We plan to return in summer to try and capture them after water temperatures increase. If summer net survey results are consistent with the spring survey, channel catfish stocking may be discontinued.

Lower Twin Lake has excellent fishing opportunities for bluegills, pumpkinseed, crappie, yellow perch, and largemouth bass. Stocked trout also provide many fishing opportunities during the cooler months. The parks scenic background is ideal for picnic fishing trips with friends and family.

— Joseph Cocco and Mike Depew, Fisheries Management Area 8

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